Time:2017-06-22 16:34:49 Source:Company information

On June 9th, CHUWA BUSSAN held a seminar of the Plan for economic development from 2017 to 2020 in Tokyo. Chairman Wang Xiaoguang, President Hou Yanfeng, Vice president Wei Tianli, Head of Planning Su Peizhang, Principals of Departments and Leaders of CHUWA’s subsidiaries, around 17 persons, presented this seminar and took part in the discussion. Executive General Manager of CCCC(International) Li Qingfeng and General Manager of CCCC(International) Investment Control Department Xiao Di were especially invited to this meeting.


CHUWA BUSSAN’s consultant Su Peizhang made a presentation about the draft of CHUWA BUSSAN’s Development Plan Outline (2017-2020) at first. And then members of the seminar discussed the major details (including marketing environment, company’s characteristic, investment and financing, trading and innovation business, the target of developing strategy etc.) to this presentation, gave advice and suggestions for revision, and had a broad and in-depth exchange views on problems and measures in the process of CHUWA’s development.

Chairman Wang said CHUWA’s innovative history in the last several decades provides good business foundation and spiritual wealth for the current development. Due to CHUWA is in the new developing stage of further transformation and upgrading, it is necessary to carefully consider and research the mid-term directions, targets and developing steps of CHUWA’s future for guiding the daily business and management. Based on CHUWA’s facts and characteristics, the Plan, which is for setting up the mutual targets, should follow the CCCC’s five-year Plan and reflect the transformation and upgrading grades by running through the thoughts of business innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation. In a word, this Plan should be guiding maneuverable to CHUWA.

During the meeting, President Li praised CHUWA’s business contribution to CCCC for the past several decades, and he also said, under the strategy of “One Belt and One Road” and CCCC, CHUWA as CCCC’s overseas financing platform should play its own core competitiveness in resources integration, capital management and developing innovation and better serve CCCC international development.

Furthermore, other members such as, President Hou Yanfeng, Vice president Wei Tianli, President Xiao Di gave high-quality suggestions to the Outline.

This seminar is well prepared, rich in content and with energetic discussion. All members provided constructive advice for developing CHUWA BUSSAN and next-phase writing of the Plan positively.

For enriching the seminar members’ knowledge of Japanese resource, before this seminar, the head office of CHUWA organized them to visit Japanese projects about robot industry, shield tunneling machine production line, automatic parking garage and urban complex. All members thought this activity, which made staffs of CHUWA upgrade concepts, enhanced the confidence and clear the direction in the company’s developing process, was necessary and useful.