Corporate social responsibility

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. was established and has grown up in the environment of friendly exchange between Japan and China. Her growth stems from the social and humanistic environment, mature market economy, advanced technology and advantageous management in Japan where its general headquarter is based; from a rapidly-developing economy, wide construction market and support from the government and the people in China; and from the trust and cooperation of the market, industry and people of our customers’ countries. As an international enterprise, the foundation of development should take root in the local society, benefitting from it and in turn benefitting it.

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. has been observing the principle of  complement for several decades in carrying out international exchange and cooperation, and  seeks to promote the economic development of the side in demand, with the advanced technology, equipment and management as well as usable funds so as to bring benefit to the society.

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. has been insisting on the principle of localization, with localized operation mode/ business network/ personnel to make the enterprise obtain the supporting social base and vitality for sustainable development.

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. embraces the operation principle of conformity to laws and regulations, doing business in accordance with the local laws and regulations as well as respecting the culture and customs of the countries while doing business; and it objects to the behaviors endangering the local society and messing up the market environment while evading the risks.

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. is committed to the intercourse principle of mutual understanding and tolerance, and willing to contribute to the promotion of international friendship and cooperation to make peoples of different cultural backgrounds understand each other through the behavior of an enterprise, becoming the bond of the international exchange for the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win result.