Equipment Import and Export

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. is a sales agent of over 300 manufacturers from Japan, America, Europe and China. The products cover a wide range of fields such as port handling equipment (including large-scale complete sets of handling equipment), port/road transporting equipment, harbor/road/bridge construction equipment, construction vehicles and engineering machinery, building materials, chemical products of building and all kinds of vessels, machinery and vehicles.


Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. is the main contractor of a large variety of vessels, products including tug boat, dredger, crane barge, all kinds of construction vessels, transportation and passenger ships.

The main customers are Port of Qinhuangdao, Port of Qingdao, Port of Dalian, Port of Yangpu, Port of Guangzhou, No.4 Harbor Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., Port of Caofeidian of National Development Investment Corporation. The suppliers are from China, Japan and the US.

Tug boat of 5000HP
30 m3Grab Dredger
25t Grab Crane Barge
Marine Equipment Products

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. serves as a sales agent of many kinds of marine mechanical equipment, products include the marine engine, deck machinery, fully rotary steering oar, communication and navigation equipment, main switch, aluminum alloy doors and windows, compass, air conditioner, windscreen wiper, anemorumbograph, etc.

Screw Free-Rotating Propeller
YANMAR Diesel Engine
YANMAR Generator
Chuwa Bussan serves as agent of ROLLS-ROYCE Kawasaki screw free- rotating propeller in some projects, which is extensively used at domestic ports and ship-owners reaching port. | For instance: State Development& Investment Corp. (SDIC) projects such as Caofeidian Port 4000PS/5000PS tugboat, 5200PS tugboat of Shanshui Shipping Service of Qinhuangdao and FangchengPort.
The YANMAR diesel engine, for which Chuwa Bussan serves as a sales agent, depending on good performance and perfect after-sale service, occupies a big share in harbor tug market in China. At the same time, it is widely used in the matching ocean engineering vehicle, dredger and tug boat of domestic salvage bureaus, China Rescue & Salvage, CNOOC, SINOPEC, Petro China, waterway bureaus, and navigational fairs engineering companies, well-received by the industrial insiders. The YANMAR propelling diesel engine models and their powe rrange:
YANMAR Generator
Construction Machinery and Port Handling Equipment

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. serves as a sales agent of all kinds of construction mechanical equipment for the port, road and bridge from Japan, China, the US and Europe. The products include all kinds of construction vehicles/equipment, hoisting machinery, port handling facilities, constructing ship and relevant fittings.

The main customers are No.4 Harbor Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. and China Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Waterway Bureau of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. The products are exported to the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Rubber Tired/Gantry Crane
Ship Unloader
Crawler Crane
International Export of Second-hand Vehicles

Depending on the advantage of Japanese-funded enterprise, Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd.  has launched its operation on the export of second-hand vehicles by cooperating with Japanese auto-makers.The company serves as export agent of construction and civil vehicles made in Japan, to export second-hand vehicles in batches to countries in great demand.

Second-hand Vehicles 1
Second-hand Vehicles 2
Second-hand Vehicles 3
Import and Export of Second-hand Equipment

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. has a rich source of second-hand machinery and equipment for construction of ports/road/bridge, and can export in batches to countries and regions with large demand. 

Import and Export of Second-hand Equipment:
Import and Export of Second-hand Equipment:
Import and Export of Communication Facilities

For the past 20 years, Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. has completed dozens of construction projects for the domestic transportation enterprises such as the coastal ports in the fields of communication system, computer system and VTS. Depending on its abundant experiences, the company possesses perfect system integration capability with strong competiveness.

Chuwa Bussan Co. Ltd. has numerous customers in the field of communication and enjoys a good reputation, it has good cooperation relation with mainstream communication product companies at home and abroad such as Motorola, and has established steady supplying channels.