Chairman's Speech

As one of the earliest Japanese business and trade enterprise engaged in cooperation between Japan and China, Chuwa Bussan Co., Ltd. has been advancing bravely in this field for 30 years. Chuwa Bussan Co., Ltd. was established jointly by several large famous companies in Japan and China relying on advanced technology, equipment and management of Japan along with booming construction market and business scope in China. As a result of sincere and close cooperation between the two sides based on mutual trust, Chuwa Bussan serves as an outstanding exchange platform for economic cooperation between Japan and China and also other countries in the world.

The name of "Chuwa Bussan" represents goal orientation of cooperation from different cultures and coordination of all kinds of special resources. Through years of bumpy practice, Our corporate culture is sharpened as:  win-win cooperation in transnational business, cultural tolerance under multinational environments, sincerity in the growth and self-cultivation and creative spirit in the market competition.
At present, the trading of mechanical equipment such as ships and vehicles, engineering technology service and relevant financial support, provided by Chuwa Bussan, have already covered all the mainports in China, helping the construction of a batch of large-scale bridge/road projects, and also reached out to the oversea transportation infrastructure construction projects in Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Our trading customers comes from more than 30 countries, with many offices set up in Japan, China and overseas; The newly-built Changshu Shield Machine Production Base in China, with Chuwa Bussan’s support, now possesses production capacity of more than 40 sets, with the ability to built extra-large shield machine with a diameter of 16 meters, representing the advanced level in China; Our Company's investment and financing projects involve various types such as manufacturing, financing & leasing, real estate development, international transportation and ship base.

Chuwa Bussan Co., Ltd. has been making efforts to deepen and expand its traditional advantageous businesses, such as international trade of ships, vehicles and engineering machinery, and meanwhile has been speeding up its international financing & leasing businesses. The company seeks to speed up investment activities in enterprises with excellent growth and international collaborative projects; and to fasten cooperative development of new market and products together with innovation-advantage enterprises.

We are proud to introduce our deep and mature business base, expectation and support from shareholders of big enterprises, strong cooperation with banking sector and the industry, coupled with number of united and enterprising management teams. We are also rapidly expanding our cooperative partners and customer base with our high-quality and suitable products and service. And YOU are expected to be our next customer!